DAV Ispat Public School, Nandini Mines Durg (CG)

Affiliated to C.B.S.E New Delhi , Affiliation No.3330129, School Code No.15058

Principal’s Message  

                                                      “The heart of education lies in education of the heart”
The vision of combining intellectual prowess with moral edification ensures glorious results. In a broader sense, school is not only a place of learning but also a holy altar of holistic realization. The spectrum of experience gained in a school is comprehensive as well as enriching. A school is about many things from learning about specific subjects to the world in a microscopic sense, the journey from innocence to experience covers a myriad of new and unique consciousness.
Education at its core is also about strengthening one’s moral health as it is about building robust material sense. A school sets one free while opening various avenues of learning. It gives us the necessary skills and the required vision to lead a purposeful life while catering to the exoteric awakening of self and transmute the same to the society where one breathes in.
The present sociopolitical and cultural contour calls for a collective effort to instill elementary values in children which not only illuminates them in a commercial sense but also in persuasive acclamation. The libido to learn and improve oneself is the basic principle which drives the entire universe and also school education.
“The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but gives the essence to life”.  
Being the second home to a child, the responsibility of a school towards a child is manifold and it requires immitigable and committed efforts on part of management. Right from the day a child steps into the vicinity of one’s school to the day when one tearfully leaves the comforting environment of one’s school, consciously or subconsciously one’s mind, heart and spirit undergo multifaceted exposure.
My profoundest desire to provide an elixir of personal and social development makes me dutifully bound to provide a happy environment wherein the latent seeds may sprout and flourish. The farsightedness of our collective vision will nullify all the vicious forces existing in a covert as well as apparent manner.
Our endeavour to provide quality education is well harmonized with the will to produce responsible citizens of the nation, who will have the charisma and potential to devote themselves in the process of nation building.
 Dr. B. P. Sahu
DAV Ispat Public School
Nandini Mines, Durg        


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DAV Ispat Public School, Nandini Mines
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