DAV Ispat Public School, Nandini Mines Durg (CG)

Affiliated to C.B.S.E New Delhi , Affiliation No.3330129, School Code No.15058

Guidelines for Students  
Indiscipline of any kind will be viewed very seriously.
  • Be regular and punctual. Ensure that you reach school at least 5 minutes before the warning bell.
  • Attend school in proper, smart and neat uniform.
  • Students should always carry their diary to school.
  •  Students should get the progress report signed by the parents within two days of its receipt.
  • Senior students should submit the application for leave a day in advance.
  • Do not leave class without a class pass.
  • Take care of school property and ensure that desks/furniture/ walls etc. are not scratched or damaged.
  • Lending/borrowing money or other articles is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not wear or bring expensive items to school. The school will not be responsible for the loss of any articles. The students are advised not to bring valuables like costly watches and fountain pens.
  • In case a student is required to overstay after school hours for extra classes/sports etc.., take proper prior permission in writing from the Class Teacher/ in charge after obtaining the same from the parents.
  • Library books should be looked after properly. Any damaged/loss will be paid for by the borrower.
  • Books and magazine brought to the school other than that of the library are liable to be confiscated.
  • Due respect should be shown to prefects, class monitors and students on duty.
  • Any movement to the playground/assembly/Laboratories/activity/library should be done orderly and in a queue.
  • Cycle must be kept locked riding cycles in the school compound is strictly prohibited.
  • No student is allowed to come to school in a self-driven scooter, motorcycle or car.
  • No student is allowed to leave school during working hours unless they possess the Gate Pass duly signed by the competent authority.
  • Facilities of book shop/office may be utilized only during recess or before school hours.
  •  Any complaint regarding cleanliness, sanitation, electric fittings or water supply should be brought to the notice of the Class Teacher.
  • Shouting/writing or indulging in unruly behaviour in the school premises is forbidden. Help in maintaining cleanliness and throw litter/papers etc. in the dustbin.
  • No student should indulge in any  mal practices such as-
                     *Spitting in or near school building. 
                     *Damaging any school property. 
                     *Smoking/ Consumption of intoxicants/narcotics or any other product that falls under these categories. 
                     *Rude behaviour or violence of any form. 
                     *Bringing mobile phones to school. 
  • Students should use only A-4 size note books for all school work.
  • Attendance of 75% is a must for every exam.
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